About Stepping Stones

At Your Service

Relentlessly positive people who care.

We have dedicated decades to helping children with autism lead fulfilling lives. We take the time to get to know your family’s individual needs and goals. We strive to learn and improve every day, right alongside you and your child.

A Place to Grow and Play

This might be a therapy clinic, but that’s not what it seems like inside. We want this to feel like a second home. Here you’ll find a comforting, safe, and fun environment for your kiddo. And we also go outside of the typical ABA setting and into the community for fun, real-world lessons like identifying zoo animals, grocery shopping, and dining out.

100+ caring certified therapists
Fun and safe learning stations
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The Stepping Stones Way

We believe that children learn best by exploring, playing, and experimenting with their environments. That’s why we make therapy fun, meeting your child at their level while still challenging them to reach for excellence. Additionally, we see parents as partners. We keep you involved at every step, so you feel confident and supported in this journey.