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ABA Therapy for Children

Progress starts here.

Promoting Positive, Healthy Development

We take a 360° approach with each and every child. We work in partnership with your child’s various environments, from our clinic to school to home. When you join the Stepping Stones community, your family gains an instant team of supporters and a variety of resources, tools, and therapy techniques.

Private Education

Stepping Stones Education Academy partnership with SSBS provides exceptional education to students in grades K-12th grade where each child’s unique potential shines.

The school is tuition based, but we accept Choice and ESA state scholarships.

  • Transitional Therapy

Waiver Services / BMAN

We provide waiver services for BMAN providers to empower individuals with disabilities to live in their own homes. 

Waiver services include daily living, self care, mobility, training and monitoring needs to ensure accessibility and quality of life.

  • BMAN-Behavioral Support Services
  • Functional Living Skills Program

1:1 Direct ABA Therapy

Led by a warm & talented therapist your child receives personalized, play-based therapy focused on building positive behaviors.

  • Potty Training 
  • BX Management Reduction
  • Healthy Eating

Parent Training Opportunities

Parents can learn innovative ways to help your child succeed in person, in home training or support groups.

  • Parent Support Group

We’d love to meet you in person and show you around! Reach out to us to arrange a time for a tour that works for you.

First, consult with your primary care physician and request a prescription for an autism assessment. Next, contact us so we can schedule a time to professionally assess your child and their needs.

Answer our enrollment questionnaire online to complete the enrollment process conveniently online. Fill out the enrollment form here.

We will ensure that your insurance is accepted by our facility and set-up a payment arrangement that fits your family’s needs.

Your child will be assessed by a BCBA to identify any milestone deficits. The assessment will determine what level your child should be performing at in areas such as gross motor skills, fine motor skills, communication, daily living skills, imitation, and labeling.

We communicate regularly with our client families to ensure excellent continuity of care. We are proudly paperless and use an online system to track your child’s goals and progress.

The Path To Your Child’s Best Life

To make sure your child is getting the most out of therapy, we take notes and collect data in every session. We communicate with you often to share progress towards milestones and make adjustments as needed.

Kind Words from Stepping Stones Families

"I have really noticed {my son} is communicating better at home, and he is able to tolerate his brothers more."

I appreciate everyone who has worked with {my son} for helping him progress and work on his communication.


"We have really noticed that {our son} has been able to point at the things he wants at home, which has been really helpful."

He is already learning new and different things that are transferring to our home! It's exciting to see the progress happen so quickly. We are excited to see what else he will achieve.

Parents within the first 3 months at SSBS

"The biggest thing we have noticed is that he talking a lot more and repeating words."

We have all been able to relax more knowing {our grandson} is in good hands and you are helping him really be his bright self. The work you all do honestly and truly goes even beyond the kids.

Client’s Grandma

FAQs About Stepping Stones

Here are some of the most common questions parents have. If you don’t see your question here, please contact us. We’re happy to chat with you.

Some locations may have a wait period. Our enrollment specialist can provide more details. Reach out today to inquire about enrollment.

We gladly accept most major insurance plans and Indiana Medicaid.

After your child is enrolled, they can begin visiting SSBS for services within approximately 1 month, but this time can vary by location availability and insurance approval.

Our team works one-on-one with children and young adults from ages 2-21 for ABA therapy, ages K-12 for private education services, and all ages for waiver services. Most of our ABA locations serve all ages, however, you can visit our locations page for more details about individual locations.

Yes, we do offer both part-time ABA services and in-home ABA services. Please reach out to us here to discuss your needs and we will be happy to provide you more information and answer any questions you may have.

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