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“{Our daughter’s} developmental skills have improved tremendously!

Plus, her vocabulary has grown immensely. You guys have really helped her develop in her speech to the point we are really seeing her sassy personality come through, which we are loving.

Mom & Dad

"We love that {our son} has been independently starting to regulate some of his big emotions."

His vocabulary is expanding daily, and we know you speak to him kindly with some of the things he will repeat at home. His entire team is fantastic.

Mom & Dad

“{Our son} has been doing great with his communication and he’s a lot easier to understand."

I feel like he is understanding us more now that he has been in ABA and even just listens better because he knows we are starting to understand him more.

Mom & Dad

"I’ve really noticed that {our son} is much more self-aware than he used to be."

It’s been a relief for him to finally feel like he knows how to appropriately express his feelings and communicate his emotions. It’s been a relief for us, too.

Academy Mom and Dad

"I have noticed lots of progress with potty training already!"

We’ve seen overall better behavior from both of {our sons} since enrolling at Stepping Stones. Every single one of the boys’ team members has been amazing.

Mom of two enrolled in SSBS

"I can tell he is always excited to go to school..."

I see {my son} do different things every day that I’ve never seen him do before starting with SSBS. He is more confident and is just willing and able to do things he hasn’t tried or done before.

Downtown Parent

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